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This site includes all doctoral graduates, from the first graduate in Fall 1980 to the most recent term. Search for doctoral graduates using one or more of the filters. Selecting no filters displays all students for all terms. Remember to Reset Filters between searches.

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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Summer 2013 Yuming Fang Environmental Engineering PhD Duranceau, Steven
Study of the Effect of Surface Morphology on Mass Transfer and Fouling Behavior of Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Membrane Processes
Spring 2012 Xiang Fang Electrical Engineering PhD Shen, Zheng
Analysis and Design Optimization of Resonant DC-DC Converters
Summer 2000 Hui Fang Physics PhD Stegeman, George
Fall 2014 George Faragallah Electrical Engineering PhD Simaan, Marwan
Treatment-Specific Approaches for Analysis and Control of Left Ventricular Assist Devices
Summer 2014 Shima Fardad Optics and Photonics PhD Christodoulides, Demetrios
Particle Manipulation Via Optical Forces and Engineering Soft-Matter Systems With Tunable Nonlinearities.
Spring 2018 Ahmed Tarek Ahmed Farid Civil Engineering PhD Abdel-Aty, Mohamed
Investigating and Facilitating the Transferability of Safety Performance Functions
Summer 2013 Marcella Farina Education PhD Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Nutta, Joyce
The Effect of Input Modality on Pronunciation Accuracy of English Language Learners
Spring 2015 Spencer Farrar Electrical Engineering PhD Jones, W
An On-orbit Calibration Procedure for Spaceborne Microwave Radiometers Using Special Spacecraft Attitude Maneuvers
Fall 2015 Hedy Fatemi Electrical Engineering PhD Abdolvand, Reza
Performance optimization of lateral-mode thin-film piezoelectric-on-substrate resonant systems
Fall 2008 Philip Fatolitis Psychology PhD Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology Jentsch, Florian
Initial Validation of Novel Performance-Based Measures: Mental Rotation and Psychomotor Ability