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This site includes all doctoral graduates, from the first graduate in Fall 1980 to the most recent term. Search for doctoral graduates using one or more of the filters. Selecting no filters displays all students for all terms. Remember to Reset Filters between searches.

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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Fall 1992 William Jens Business Administration PhD Finance Scott, David
On the relationship of business, financial and systematic risk ; with implications for financing decisions
Summer 1997 Florian Jentsch Psychology PhD Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology Bowers, Clint
Summer 2016 Jaekyun Jeon Physics PhD Chen, Bo
Self-assembly of Rous Sarcoma Virus capsid protein, probed by Solid-state NMR and TEM
Spring 2016 Cheonha Jeon Optics and Photonics PhD Richardson, Martin
Laser filament interaction with aerosols and clouds
Fall 2006 Christian Jerome Psychology PhD Human Factors and Cognitive Psychology Mouloua, Mustapha
Orienting of Visual-Spatial Attention with Augmented Reality: Effects of Spatial and Non-Spatial Multi-Modal Cues
Spring 2018 Richard Jerousek Physics PhD Planetary Sciences Colwell, Joshua
Determining the Small-scale Structure and Particle Properties in Saturn's Rings from Stellar and Radio Occultations
Summer 2016 Lisa Jester Educational Leadership EdD Executive Taylor, Rosemarye
An Exploration of Postsecondary Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Public Universities and Colleges in Florida
Spring 2016 Yueqian Jia Mechanical Engineering PhD Bai, Yuanli
Study On Anisotropic Plasticity And Fracture Of Lightweight Metal Sheets
Spring 2010 Hongwei Jia Electrical Engineering PhD Shen, Zheng
Spring 2017 Jingyin Jiang Materials Science and Engineering PhD Chen, Quanfang
Electronic Structure of Metal (Al, Cu) Doped Carbon Nanotubes and the Resultant Conduction of the Hybrid Materials