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This site includes all doctoral graduates, from the first graduate in Fall 1980 to the most recent term. Search for doctoral graduates using one or more of the filters. Selecting no filters displays all students for all terms. Remember to Reset Filters between searches.

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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Fall 1998 Jin Lim Physics PhD Vanstryland, Eric
Spring 2011 Clelia Lima Nursing Practice DNP Norris, Anne
Identifying Patients at Risk for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Primary Health Care: Can Obesity in Combination with Other High-risk Diagnoses be Used for Screening Purposes?
Spring 2013 Dorothy Limberg Education PhD Counselor Education Robinson, Edward
The Contribution of Practicing School Counselors' Level of Altruism to their Degree of Burnout
Spring 2017 Jinchao Lin Modeling and Simulation PhD Matthews, Gerald
The Impact of Automation and Stress on Human Performance in UAV Operation
Summer 2016 Yi-ling Lin Public Affairs PhD Health Services Management and Research Wan, Thomas
The Diffusion and Performance of the Accountable Care Organization Model
Summer 2015 Yuqing Lin Physics PhD Chow, Lee
Resistive Pulse study of Vesicles and Liposomes
Fall 2013 Shao Hua Lin Electrical Engineering PhD Wu, Xinzhang
Multi-Physics Model of Key Components In High Efficiency Vehicle Drive
Fall 2013 Wei Lin Electrical Engineering PhD Qu, Zhihua
Differential Games for Multi-Agent Systems under Distributed Information
Spring 2006 Yi-Hsin Lin Optics and Photonics PhD Wu, Shintson
Polarization-independent Liquid Crystal Devices
Summer 2005 Chang-Hui Lin Education PhD Exceptional Education Wienke, Wilfred
The Effect of Pre-K Early Intervention Duration on Academic Achievement and Socialization Opportunities of 3rd Grade Students Who Were Eligible for Special Education Services at Ages 3 to 5: An Exploratory Study of Children with Developmental Delays