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This site includes all doctoral graduates, from the first graduate in Fall 1980 to the most recent term. Search for doctoral graduates using one or more of the filters. Selecting no filters displays all students for all terms. Remember to Reset Filters between searches.

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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Summer 2015 John-Charles Asanya Computer Engineering PhD Guha, Ratan
Exploring Techniques for Providing Privacy in Location-Based Services Nearest Neighbor Query
Fall 2009 Atul Asati Chemistry PhD Perez Figueroa, Jesus
Synthesis of biocompatible antioixidant polymer coated cerium oxide nanoparticles, its oxidase like behavior and cellular uptake studies
Summer 2008 Kia Asberg Psychology PhD Clinical Psychology Renk, Kimberly
Resiliency Factors and Pathways to Incarceration in Female Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Spring 2015 Mckenzie Aschenbrenner Physical Therapy DPT Dyson, Jamie
Factors affecting length of hospital stay for patients with total knee replacement or revision: a retrospective cohort study
Spring 2011 David Ascher Education PhD Counselor Education Lambie, Glenn
A Phenomenological Investigation of Counseling Students' and Practicum Supervisors' Experiences with the Counselor Competencies Scale
Summer 2005 Rebecca Ashford Educational Leadership EdD Pawlas, George
Home School Versus Other Applicants to Postsecondary Institutions: Admission Policies and In-Depth Analysis
Summer 2015 Samuel Ashley Educational Leadership EdD Executive Murray, Kenneth
The Effects of the Marzano Observation System Training on the Self-Efficacy of Teacher Observers
Summer 2015 Rizwan Ashraf Computer Engineering PhD DeMara, Ronald
Adaptive Architectural Strategies for Resilient Energy-Aware Computing
Summer 2012 Nazim Ashraf Computer Science PhD Foroosh, Hassan
Study of Human Activity in Video Data with an emphasis on View-invariance
Summer 2016 Nooshan Ashtari Education PhD Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Nutta, Joyce
Using a Mixed-Reality Classroom Environment Including English Learners: The Perceptions of Teacher Candidates