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This site includes all doctoral graduates, from the first graduate in Fall 1980 to the most recent term. Search for doctoral graduates using one or more of the filters. Selecting no filters displays all students for all terms. Remember to Reset Filters between searches.

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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Spring 2018 Name Withheld Education PhD Communication Sciences and Disorders Ehren, Barbara
Fourth Grade Teachers' Implementation of an Explicit Vocabulary Teaching Technique with Students Who Are Socioeconomically Disadvantaged
Spring 2018 Name Withheld Education PhD Methodology, Measurement and Analysis Sivo, Stephen
Development and Validation of a Scale to Measure Misconceptions About Educational Psychology Among Pre-Service Teachers
Fall 2017 Name Withheld Optics and Photonics PhD Richardson, Kathleen
Laser-induced crystallization mechanisms in chalcogenide glass materials for advanced optical functionality
Fall 2017 Name Withheld Biomedical Sciences PhD Fernandez-Valle, Cristina
Targeted Therapy Development for Neurofibromatosis Type 2
Fall 2017 Name Withheld Educational Leadership EdD Higher Education Cintron Delgado, Rosa
University Students' Citizenship Shaped by Service-Learning, Community Service, and Peer-to-Peer Civic Discussions
Fall 2017 Name Withheld Educational Leadership EdD Higher Education King, Kathleen
The effectiveness of using Florida Virtual High School course data during the college admission process as a predictor of degree completion within six years.
Summer 2017 Name Withheld Mechanical Engineering PhD Putnam, Shawn
Local transient characterization of thermofluid heat transfer coefficient at solid-liquid nano-interfaces
Summer 2017 Name Withheld Sociology PhD Gay, David
Damned to Hell: The Black Church Experience for College Educated Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals
Spring 2017 Name Withheld Physical Therapy DPT
Spring 2017 Name Withheld Texts and Technology PhD Mauer, Barry
Nam June Paik and Avant-Garde as Pedagogy: Promoting Student Engagement and Interdisciplinary Thinking in the Undergraduate Humanities Classroom