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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Fall 2016 Name Withheld Mathematics PhD Moore, Brian
Structure-preserving finite difference methods for linearly damped differential equations.
Fall 2016 Name Withheld Sociology PhD Corzine, Harold
Keeping Their Distance: A Comparison of 2009 and 2013 Domestic Violence cases in Seminole County that utilized GPS Technology to Determine Effectiveness of Program
Summer 2016 Name Withheld Education PhD Counselor Education Hagedorn, William
The Contribution of Adult Attachment Style on the Experience of Posttraumatic Growth Among Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse
Summer 2016 Name Withheld Education EdD Gill, Michele
Site-Embedded Professional Development as a Means to Increase Teachers' Sense of Efficacy: Lessons from a Middle School Quasi-Experimental Study
Summer 2016 Name Withheld Educational Leadership EdD Higher Education Cintron Delgado, Rosa
Male College Presidents With Children: Recollections on Perceptions of Work-life Balance.
Spring 2016 Name Withheld Physical Therapy DPT
Spring 2016 Name Withheld Public Affairs PhD Criminal Justice Gau, Jacinta
Falling Behind in Pay: A Longitudinal Test of Equity Theory Among Florida Municipal Police Agencies' Salaries
Fall 2015 Name Withheld Sociology PhD Gay, David
Can I Get an Amen? Central Florida Black Pastors' Perceptions of the Impact of the Black Church in the Black Community
Fall 2015 Name Withheld Education EdD Boote, David
Understanding and Mitigating Sources of Teacher Dissatisfaction
Fall 2015 Name Withheld Educational Leadership EdD Higher Education Cintron Delgado, Rosa
Community College Adjuncts: From Information Seeking to Identity Formation