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Student Results

Term Student Name Program Subplan Chair
Spring 2017 Diana Rivera Physical Therapy DPT
Summer 2016 Javier Rivera Modeling and Simulation PhD Jentsch, Florian
Cognitive Flexibility: Using Mental Simulation to Improve Script Adaptation
Spring 2016 William Rivera Modeling and Simulation PhD Xanthopoulos, Petros
a priori synthetic sampling for increasing classification sensitivity in imbalanced data sets
Summer 2015 Jelitza Rivera Education PhD Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Zygouris-Coe, Vassiliki
A Quasi-Experimental Study on the Impact of Explicit Instruction of Science Text Structures on Eighth-Grade English Learners' and Non-English Learners' Content Learning and Reading Comprehension in Three Inclusive Science Classrooms
Spring 2012 Milagros Rivera Education EdD Martin, Suzanne
Enhancing the Reading Strategies of Parents of English Language Learners Through Reading Strategies and Interventions(RSI) Workshops
Fall 2011 Manuel Rivera Education PhD Hospitality Education Croes, Robertico
The Synergies between Tourism Expansion and Development: An Analysis of Economic Growth, Poverty and Human Development in Ecuador
Fall 2015 Hector Rivera Jacquez Chemistry PhD Masunov, Artem
Quantum Chemical Studies for the Engineering of Metal Organic Materials
Fall 2005 Clara Rivero Baleine Optics and Photonics PhD Stegeman, George
High Gain/Broadband Oxide Glasses for Next Generation Raman Amplifiers
Fall 2015 Thaddeus Rivers Educational Leadership EdD Higher Education Cintron Delgado, Rosa
African American Head Football Coaches at Division I FBS Schools: A Qualitative Study on Turning Points
Spring 2014 Ricky Rivers Physical Therapy DPT Hanney, William
Trunk muscle endurance times in females recreational weight trainers